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Francesca Vincenza Nobile was born in Modica July 27, 1980. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence with full marks and honors, a master’s degree in fashion design and concept brand image at the institute Polimoda in Florence. After several collaborations as stamp designer at Enrico Coveri Florence and as a designer for Herman Daelli part of Sicily and works for Marella Ferrera, then attended the two-year specialization in graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania working for various marketing studies and advertising including Hermes, brood box and Publikompass where he is currently. E’art director for the exhibition / event “Blackmusic” (from soul to hip hop sound and graphic arts) and the chimneys of Catania “contemporary” in Syracuse where he lives.
Approaches to figurative painting fascinated by Schiele, Klimt, expressionism but also by Turner and Monet, began to study the trans and neo-expressionism and led to his love of Anselm Kiefer, who becomes the subject of his thesis, continues to further study of painters such as Kandinsky, Rotho, Pollock, Bacon and many others, comes naturally to abstract painting, not forgetting the gestures of Pollok, the materiality of Kiefer, the symbolism of Kandinsky and Rothko. In his early work, the departure is often a real subject that is made almost abstract through the use of the material and intangible things even says so with an object, the canvas and its materiality, which requires his physical presence. through the theories of Schneider, and Guenon, deepens the study of symbols that shows in his work where scales appear to indicate the ascent of man and his willingness to go beyond the material and physical world, geometrical figures as rectangles or squares that symbolically represent the earth, and circles and lines, designed as part of these circles, to represent symbolically the sky, all indicating the balance of opposites, the good, the bad, and the night chasing the day appear as the basic components of life that cause things to go on and evolve over time; appear pieces of wood jutting coming out from the canvas, sewn by hand as to hurt her, as if to write the feelings and all that life from the path from earth to heaven gives us the opportunity to hear. A witness to the union of opposites are all those symbols axial, vertical, such as a ladder or a simple line made in a gesture to indicate our journey of joy and pain that alternate, we talk about things distant and intangible at the same time the smallest and most humble feeling; appears toilet-paper and salt, and anything that may create material on the canvas, the colors are those of our land, those palaces of Ortigia eroded by the sea and time, and so fascinating with their sense of insecurity and maturity together.

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